Wild Woman Tribe Celebration: Come Home To Your Body 
 July 13th 6p-8:30p
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“You are innately wild, powerful & creative. When you are at home in your body the creative healing force of nature flows through you. When you feel the miraculous joy of living  you treat yourself and all of nature with reverence. You instinctively express and live your truth, and open to love. You revel in being alive and being you. This is the nature of a wild woman.

Join the  revel-ution.  We are on a mission to wake women and the world to love. “

 Kiana Love- founder of Be Wild Woman 



Wild: growing or living in a natural state; not domesticated; untamed. 

 Here at Be Wild Woman being wild starts with loving and nurturing yourself. Be Wild Woman provides the tools and support for you to reclaim your body, your feelings, your truth and your wild joy. While you can’t change what happened in the past, you can change what is true in your body today.  You can create the safety you need to be wild, free and in love with your life today.

Learning how to reclaim my body helped me move from feeling anxious, depressed, ashamed and uncomfortable with my body to feeling innocent, self confident, empowered, sexy and free to be and express myself.” Kiana

Ready to feel comfortable and delighted in your own skin?

Book your free 15 minute phone conversation with Wild Woman Healer Kiana Love here.  Learn more about the Wild Woman program here.

We offer life freeing one-on-one programs as well as group programs, workshops and circles for women.  Kiana Love is available for lectures, workshops, intuitive readings, rituals, space clearings and blessings.  For more information and bookings, contact Kiana here.

 Home in your body, safe, nurtured & loved….Free to be YOU!